Lost Valley Campground is a unique campground with 217 seasonal sites, 15 nightly camping sites, and one rustic cabin. The campground is located on East Twin Lake. We have a beautiful sandy beach and playground to keep the kiddos entertained. These are just a few of the amenities that Lost Valley has to offer its guests.

Lost Valley Campground

Lost Valley Campground offers campers a family activity that takes place in a safe, entertaining and clean environment. Lost Valley offers a number of additional services such as:

Many other activities are also provided to enrich the camping experiance at Lost Valley Campground.

Customer Review

"I have been going since I was a kid. Now my kids are enjoying the same great place I did. We love it here."

Jennifer Beardsley

"The staff at Lost Valley are very professional and excellent to work with!"

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Where getting lost is half the fun!

Campground Rates

Check-in time is 1pm. Rates are for one family with one camping unit per site. A 50% deposit is required for reservations, with the balance due 2 weeks prior to the check-in date. Holiday weekends are to be paid in full at the time of the reservation. Deposits are refundable for CAMPING only if the cancellation is made more than 1 week prior to the check-in date and 2 weeks prior to the check-in date for holiday weekends.

(Sunday - Thursday)


(Friday & Saturday)


Holiday Weekend*
(3 Night Minimum )


(Sunday - Sunday)


*Holidays : July 4th, Memorial Day,Labor Day weekend and Lost Valley’s Halloween weekend

Camping Rules

Cabin Rates

Lost Valley now offers a cabin rental, which is big enough to sleep 4 comfortably. This cabin is equipped with a Queen size bed, two twin sized hide-a-beds, a cot, a dinette set, mini fridge and toaster oven. A charcoal BBQ grill is located outside of unit also. This unit has heat and air conditioning to keep all your little ones comfortable the entire camping season. Linens for the beds and pillows are found in unit. Don’t worry about the rainy days because this cabin has a satellite TV. This is a rustic cabin unit with no indoor bathroom, but it is located by a bathhouse that has restrooms, coined showers and coined laundry.

(Sunday - Sunday)


(Friday & Saturday)


Holiday Weekend / Week
(3 Night Minimum / Week)

$225 / $480

(30 Days)


Seasonal Rates

Seasonal camping at Lost Valley Campground will not only save you money and time, but provide your family with 6 months of camping, that is more like "cabin-ing".

Seasonal campers at LVC have the advantage of making the campsite more like home! Our campers enjoy grilling out on their own deck, and cutting their own grass with a lawn mower they can keep in their own shed. They are able to make their lots into a home away from home. Some like flower gardens and others like it simple, but either way when you are a LVC seasonal camper you are able to create a special place for your family to enjoy.

Contact Lost Valley Campground today to discuss your personalized and unquie camping experiance!

Get Lost! at Lost Valley

Cabin Rental Contract

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Please read carefully.

Seasonal Rental Contract

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  1. Camping season will be from May 1, 2017 to October 31, 2017. A tent or pop up is not permitted to be used as your seasonal unit. A temporary tent may be used for parents or children only. Quiet Hours are from 11:00 PM to 8:00 AM with the exceptions of special events (12:30 AM to 8:00 AM). Children under 18 are to be on their site unless with a parent after quiet hours. No riding bikes after dark unless flash light or headlight is equipped on bike.
  2. A deposit of half down for sites is required and must be paid by September 1st, 2016 to retain your existing lot or to move new trailer in for new campers in November. The remaining balance of lease is due by April 1st, 2017. If balance is not paid within 10 days of said due date, a $25.00 late fee will be added to lease. If Lease is not paid in full by May 1st, 2017 lease could be terminated. W/E sites are $1500.00/year. W/E/S sites and waterfront sites are $1550.00/year. Some lots are different pricing. LEASES ARE NOT TRANSFERABLE. SUB-LEASING OR RENTING YOUR SITE IS NOT ALLOWED.
  3. Campers who have a boat slip at our marina may retain their slip by paying 1/2 of the slip fee at the time of signing the next years lease. People who have their own docks are responsible for all injuries that occur on their docks. Lost Valley does not maintain these docks, the lease holder does. These docks are private. Trespassers will be prosecuted. When slip is paid in full, camper will receive new key. If you or your children would like to fish from LVC Marinas you can give a deposit for a Marina key to use dock, but an adult must be present at all time when using docks. Marina will be in for Memorial Day weekend until Labor Day weekend. All personal docks on lease holder’s sites must be up to code and safe for use. Lease holder is responsible for maintaining docks and any personal liability or property damage. No dock may be placed on a site unless approved by lessor and lease holder of site.
  4. All camp sites will have 30 am p. metered electricity service. There are not to be extension cords from 30 amp. plugged to the trailer. Meters will be read, and usage will be billed monthly between May 1 and October 31. Off season usage will be included in your first reading in the spring (May). Usage is billed at the rate set by Consumers Energy. *All bills are due upon due dates* At the time of renewing lease, all bills must be paid or a new lease will not be given. Rates are subject to change by Consumers Energy at any time. *Lateness may result in non-renewal. Each site will be billed X6 per season.
  5. Over Night Guests: All visitors staying the night in your unit will be charged $5.00 per person, per night, with the exception of immediate family (parents, grandparents, children, grandchildren) and those under 16 years of age. For security and safety concerns, we must be notified when others are staying at site.
  6. Pumpouts are on Mondays and Thursdays, with the exception of holiday weekends they will be on Tuesday. There is an $10.00 fee for pumping out holding tanks, $5.00 fee for grey water tanks and $5.00 to flush tank if you are not on a sewer site. You must use chemical in your holding tanks and on sewer lots, or trailers will not be pumped. This fee is to be paid in advance. Sign up in store. DO NOT flush diapers, feminine products, napkins, paper towel, cigarette butts, etc. in trailer toilets or restroom toilets. If you need a tank dumped on any other day there is a $60.00 fee.
  7. No fireworks, Chinese lanterns, firearms (Pellet Guns and Be-Be guns count as a gun), ATV's, ORV's, or unlicensed vehicles in the park. No unlicensed drivers. No drinking and driving. You will be warned once and after that you will be asked to park at the store.
  8. When store is closed, for your convenience, there are envelopes provided on the exit side door, for pump fees, notes, and off season camping are to be put through slot in door. Business is to be taken care of during store hours.
  9. All fires must be in appropriate place and extinguished when you retire. No glass containers allowed off sites. No garbage is to be burnt in fire pits, with the exception of paper products. Dumpster is located near the front of park. Garbage bags only are to be left. Anything that is not bagged is not to be disposed of here. Lawn mowers, lawn furniture, grills, carpet, bikes, etc. are prohibited to dump. Do not throw leaves, grass clippings, etc. in ditched roads, or dumpster. No garbage from outside of the park is to be disposed of here. Please burn cardboard boxes instead of discarding in dumpster. *Please do not put garbage on top of vehicles when disposing.*
  10. Do not dig or penetrate the ground without management’s authorization. Subject to fine and costs for repair of any damage (water, sewer, electrical and phone lines are underground). Do not bury electrical cords.
  11. Water hoses are to be white. State requirement. Do not bury.
  12. Do not put nails, screws, hooks or etc. in trees. A $5.00 fine per object found in tress on site will apply. Remove all clothesline at the end of the season. If planting trees, no willow species permitted. No trimming trees without management’s authorization. If you cut a tree, you must plant a tree.
  13. All 100# propane cylinders must have a post and chain 12" from top of tank, with a patio block to set on. State Requirement. Tanks are furnished by Lost Valley and are not allowed off property. They are to be filled by Lost Valley. It is a $15.00 fee to have 100 hooked up. This includes patio block, post, chain, and set up. Propane hose is not included.
  14. Wood must be 12" off ground. All orders are taken at the store and must be paid before delivery. Delivery during store hours.
  15. Shed/Barns must be made of wood construction, with Gambrel roof design (barn style). Size limit is 8'x8'x8'. Health Department requires that all decks and sheds must be 6" off ground.
  16. Trailer length is 34'. New purchases must be 34' or smaller from tongue to bumper. 30 amp trailers only. Back in only, per state requirements.
  17. Pets must be on a leash at all times and are not to be left unattended. Pets are not allowed on beach,playground, pavilion or bathrooms. Take care of their business or they will be prohibited.
  18. If we have to mow your lawn, the fee will be $50.00. String trimming and leaf pickup is extra. Do not burn leaves in roads.
  19. Two cars per site. Lease holder and guests are to park on lease holder’s site. All others must park by first bathrooms or up front by store. Do not park on other sites.
  20. All fenced areas are PRIVATE. House area and drives are also private. Please keep out unless an emergency. Please take care of all business through the store. If you arrive before or after store hours without gate pass you must walk to site.
  21. As a camper/Lease holder you are responsible for all personal liability and property damage. You are responsible for your children and guests. No underage drinking.
  22. The speed limit is 5 mph. If you cannot drive this speed, you will asked to park up front and walk to your site. Please remind children to respect oncoming traffic.
  23. Lease holder agrees to abide by all rules of Lessor. Written warning will be given out. Violation of any rule, shall be grounds for termination. Lessor reserves the right to evict any one at any time who disobeys rules. NO Refunds when you permanently vacate your site your lease is terminated. Lost Valley takes possession a t the time of termination.

If you are feeling up for a game head on over to the courts and get started.

Hours of Operation

Monday - Thursday
10 AM - 5 PM

10 AM - 9 PM

10 AM - 9 PM

9 AM - 5 PM

Contact Info

Lost Valley Campground
3700 Sage Lake Road
Lupton, MI 48635